The Evolution Of Managed Network Services In Space

In the not too distant future, Managed Networks Services in space will come into reality. Based on laser technology, the communications infrastructure in space will resemble the terrestrial infrastructure of today providing earth to space and space to space high speed communications.

NASA has taken the lead in driving the vision for a commercial market for laser-based, fully interoperable IP-based communications services in space. As the commercial demand for satellite-based applications and services evolves in LEO and GEO and along with anticipated deep space exploration, laser-based high speed communications services will be necessary. Resulting in an ecosystem of interoperable technology vendors and services.

At Cloud Constellation Corporation, as our vision for SpaceBelt™ cloud services in space becomes a reality we believe a robust market for laser-based commercial managed network services will replace today’s RF-based communications services…just as fiber has replaced the T1 on Earth.

Google’s SDN Concept Appealing To Cloud Constellation Corporation
Loon SDN To Enable The Extension of Enterprise Networks Into Low Earth Orbit

SpaceBelt™ Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) network resources will be managed as virtual enterprise network elements. SDN brings a number of advantages to the operation and management of an enterprise network infrastructure; namely dynamic resource allocation and a consolidated perspective of network topology, network monitoring and functions such as routing, WAN optimization, firewalls, etc. Integrating SDN technology into the SpaceBelt DSaaS network infrastructure will enable Cloud Constellation Corporation’s SpaceBelt global partners to provide their enterprise customers with a dynamic, responsive network infrastructure to meet their diverse and evolving network resource and utilization requirements for the secure transport and cloud storage of their high value, highly sensitive data assets.