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Cloud Constellation Awarded U.S. Patent for Innovative
Space-Based Communications Platform

SpaceBelt to Provide a Secure Platform for Cloud Storage and High Speed Transmission of Sensitive Data Around the World – Unburdened by Regulatory Constraints
LOS ANGELES – March 29, 2017 – Cloud Constellation Corporation announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a patent for a technologically advanced global communications platform operating at low-earth orbit. Users of SpaceBelt™ will be able to transport and/or store large blocks of data quickly and securely without exposure to any terrestrial communications infrastructure.

The deployment of satellite-based secure storage will protect critical data from unauthorized access while supporting global communications at reduced latency of today’s multi-hop networks.

Provides data security in space:

Organizations of all sizes are exposed to leaky internet and leased lines, along with jurisdictional hazards. SpaceBelt provides an all-in- one space-based global cloud network that protects critical information to secure sensitive data from hijacking, theft, monitoring and sabotage.

Ensures high throughput with major infrastructure savings:

SpaceBelt avoids traditional terrestrial “hops” by transporting data across its high-speed communications platform in space.

Avoids regulatory constraints:

SpaceBelt utilizes existing and future satellite assets to reach customer origination and endpoints.

Facilitates jurisdictional compliance:

Hosting data on SpaceBelt has the potential to comply with international data sovereignty protection requirements

Solves a multitude of diverse storage security requirements:

Circumventing today’s pandemic cybersecurity crisis, SpaceBelt protects critical and sensitive data for a diverse range of organizations, including cloud service providers, large telcos, network data security firms and systems integrators.

Cliff Beek, president of Cloud Constellation, said: “Over the past three years, our team has achieved a significant design capability that enables us to leverage the industry’s vast investments to progress SpaceBelt’s market position. Being awarded this patent is an important milestone as Cloud Constellation continues to accelerate its strategic growth initiatives. This validation underscores our commitment to build a unique platform that will begin the next evolution in space-based communications.”

About Cloud Constellation Corporation
Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt is a patented high-speed global platform for applications that include cloud storage and global transmission of delivery around the world. Additional information is available at

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